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Spice up your fundraising with JoMomma's

If you’re tired of the same ol’ fundraising options or getting just pennies on the dollar with your current efforts, then it’s time to add JoMomma’s Salsa to your roster this year!
Our custom program is designed to help you win, whether you have 15 sellers or 1,000, resulting in $1,800 to over $100,000 in profit.

Reasons to partner with JoMomma's

Nearly 50% Goes to Your Organization

  • Reach your fundraising goal faster!

  • Your organization keeps $3.00 of every jar sold at $6.50.

  • Volume incentives to earn even more than the $3.00 per jar!

Custom Branded Fundraiser Site

  • Reporting down to the seller.

  • Just send the provided link your customized site.

  • All credit card payment option available.

Shipping Available

  • Out of town supporters?

  • Local supporters can't wait to get their hands on their delicious jars of salsa?

  • Shipping is now available on all orders!

Simple and Easy

  • No coolers or freezer space needed.

  • Store anywhere and has a two-year shelf life from production date.

  • Great gift item or last minute grab item for gatherings.

Fresh Flavorful Salsa

  • Our salsa practically sells itself.

  • Five flavors to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

  • As addictive as it is delicious!

JoMomma's Salsa was born from our love of hockey and the feeling of belonging to a team. The long hours of practice, preparation, and hard work created bonds and deep connections that lasted a lifetime. These priceless experiences taught us valuable life lessons, created lasting friendships, and fostered a sense of camaraderie that defines what it means to be part of a team.

We understand that youth sports and student organizations require funding to keep running. For most teams, this means joining together to fundraise. This is where JoMomma's comes in! Our fundraising program offers a unique, fun, and fresh alternative to ordinary fundraisers and is a great way to raise money for the organizations that your kids love. Whether your team is a youth sports team, church group, student council, or any other organization, JoMomma's Salsa is here to help you raise money and have fun while doing it!

Why? Seeing youth organizations thrive brings us back to the happy memories of our hockey days that changed our lives. Josephine, the namesake of our salsa and the one who encouraged us to come together over food and friendship, would smile knowing families are blessed by our salsa.

JoMomma Josephine.png
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