The Story


Fulfilling a dream


The concept was to work hard with people we cared about and have as much fun as possible.  The decision was made and we have been grinding away with a smile ever since. 



JoMomma’s Salsa story began as a good time fresh salsa that was brought to gatherings to share with good friends along with an ice-cold beverage. Throughout the year's countless people have tried the salsa and emphatically said: “this salsa needs to be sold everywhere!”

Fulfilling a Dream.png

JoMomma’s hits the shelf


We have always valued family and friends and decided to pay tribute to JoMomma because she embodied all the necessary characteristics.  Also, fun is part of our core values and what’s more fun than the name JoMomma?  We are humbled to be surrounded with supportive friends and family and look forward to the future. 


Our goal is to provide the highest quality salsa and bring the fun to salsa. We hope you enjoy our product.


Wayne Kemper, CEO

Wayne Kemper.png

Wayne is a proud Minnesotan and the visionary behind the growth of the JoMomma’s brand.    A  proud  father of his two children, Wayne is also the Assistant  Boy’s  Hockey  Coach  at  his  alma  mater,  Park  High  School  in  Cottage  Grove,  MN.

Russ Zilles, COO

Russ Zilles.png

Russ joined the brand in 2018.  Russ has a 25 year success record as a business builder and not only mentors the JoMomma’s team, but is a key consultant for other successful businesses.  Russ,  his  wife  and  children  place  an  emphasis  on  family  time  enjoying  their  cabin  in  Western  WI  on  a  regular  basis.

Tim Roche, CPO

Tim Roche.png

As the Chief Product Officer, Tim manages all aspects of the creation and supply chain of JoMomma’s working extensively with the production team and retailers.    Tim  is  a die-hard fan of  everything  Minnesota,  a  loving  husband  and Father and the  owner  of  Bella’s  Pizza  in  Cottage  Grove,  MN,  his  hometown.