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JoMomma’s Salsa started like most great stories do—with a gathering of friends after a hockey game. What began as one tub of homemade salsa to share, turned into weekends making hundreds of batches of salsa to take to hockey rinks where players and their families would devour bowl after bowl. Even people who didn’t like other salsas were pledging their undying loyalty to the addictive combination of ingredients.

Now, JoMomma’s Salsa is available for your club, youth group or organization to sell as part of your fundraising efforts! Your friends, family and neighbors will love the five varieties of salsa, which include:

Momma's Baby (MILD)

Momma's Original (MEDIUM)

Roasted Garlic Jalapeno (HOT)

Pineapple Mango (HOT)

Smokin' Hot Momma (XTRA HOT)


Selling iseasy

The best part? Nearly 50% return of all sales go directly to
your organization!

Each jar of salsa cost the organization $3.50 a jar; you sell them for $6.50.


That’s $3.00 that you keep for each jar of salsa sold. With that revenue, you will hit and surpass your fundraising goals faster than ever!

We also have a bonus program for organizations that sell over 3,000 units. Contact Wayne Kemper at to learn more.

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