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Did Someone Say JoMommas.png

Yes. Yes we did!

Don't run out of JoMomma's salsa!

This is not your average condiment, it's a sensory experience - a vibrant medley of textures and tastes that takes your taste buds on a crazy carpet ride.

No shindig is complete without JoMomma's! It's the perfect addition for game days, festive parties, or belting out tuneless songs on karaoke night. With a range of flavors from mild to fiery, sweet and zesty, to tangy and fresh, there's a flavor for every taste bud.
Go ahead, grab a jar or three (who's counting?), and get ready for a flavor-packed journey with every scoop!


JoMomma's Salsa is not only found at rinks across the state, it's got more momentum than a slapshot from center ice!

It is available at retailers throughout the Twin Cities.

Find the store near you by clicking below.


JoMomma’s has customers in all 50 states, and is continuing to build distribution in Minnesota and beyond.

JoMomma's Salsa can also be found at local farmer's markets!


You asked and we listened. You can now mix and match any of our mouth-watering salsa flavors and get them delivered right to your doorstep!


That's right, no more boring flavorless salsa for you.


Why wait? Satisfy your craving with just a few clicks!


JoMomma’s is all about creating great memories with friends and family.

That's why we're partnered with a unique fundraising option for teams, clubs, and other groups.


Get ready to raise funds for your organization while having a blast with your crew!


Want to spice up your fundraising game?

Are you on a mission to raise some moolah for your team, club or organization? JoMomma's has got your back with our salsa-riffic fundraising program through Ferda Fundraisers.
Hit us up for more information. Let's turn up the fun and the funds!

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